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Time Travel Protagonist 2 Turnaround

The companion and guide of our main protagonist. This robotic character is the first being that protagonist 1 meets after waking up in the past. It is assigned to be her guide and to help her on her quest to find out what sets the world back to square one. It is usually quite serious, but can also sometimes have quite a sense of humor or snark. It uses floating orbs that explode as a weapon, and is decently good in combat situations. However, it would prefer to not have to fight at all.

character turnaround transparent bg 2 resized.png


Char 2 silhouettes.jpg


Refined Protagonist With Silhouette.jpg
Refined Protagonist No Color.jpg

Concept Sketches

Concept Final Illustration 3 lineart.jpg
Concept Final Illustration 4 lineart.jpg
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