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Time Travel Protagonist 1 Turnaround

This character is an upbeat, energetic, and daring archaeologist. One day, while exploring some ruins she comes upon an artifact. Once she touches it, she ends up in a strange place. Surprisingly, this place ends up being far in the past, but it is somehow more futuristic than our current time. What could have happened to set humanity back, and where did all of this strange technology go? This character is motivated to find the answer.

character turnaround transparent bg 1 resized.png


Char 1 silhouettes.jpg


Refined Protagonist With Silhouette.jpg
Refined Protagonist No Color.jpg

Concept Sketches

Concept Final Illustration 1 lineart.jpg
Concept Final Illustration 2 lineart.jpg
Concept Final Illustration 3 lineart.jpg
Concept Final Illustration 4 lineart.jpg
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