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The Queen's Right Hand

The icy right hand, friend, and secret bodyguard of the Queen. She is a mage who specializes in mainly summoning and telekinesis, and she mainly uses these powers to levitate accessories and keep the queen's powerful image. However, when it comes to it she can use these accessories as quick weapons and can summon her staff and swords. When in private, she is a bit more laid back, but in public she puts on an intimidating persona in order to contrast the Queen's laid back nature. 

Character Design A5 silhouette recolor and no typos resized.jpg

Character Process

Character Design A5 silhoueetes.jpg
Character Design A5 sketch cropped.jpg

Alternate Outfits

No shawl

Dress open

Character Design A5 alt outfits.jpg

Action Poses

Character Design A5 action poses.jpg


Character Design A5 espressions.jpg


Character Design A5 Props wip.jpg

From left to right:

Floating ornaments/accessories - objects that the character levitates around herself. They are used as ornaments, making her seem more regal, but in a tight spot can be used as projectiles. She always keeps her ornaments sharp in case of this scenario.

Breastplate - Worn underneath her shawl, this armor is worn as protection in case of an attack.

Headpiece - Also an added layer of protection, this piece of armor protects most of her head and also acts as ornamentation.

Staff - Her staff can be summoned at any time and when wielded increases the user's powers tremendously. The character uses this when it comes to battle and is very skilled with it.


Character Design A5 moodboard.jpg
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