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Ari's Hunt (In Progress)

Aria gets suddenly transported to the world of Zorathia, where she is tasked by a flying rat creature named Nimblee to save the world from destruction. Ari and her companion Xalaxor, or Xal, travel through the world and collect pieces of the world's heart in order to stop it from exploding while discovering themselves along the way. Coming to Webtoon Summer 2023!!

Webtoon Cover.jpg

Ari's Hunt Cover

Main Characters

Comic characters and creatures main dudes sketch.jpg

Creature Designs

Running Keyframe

The World Core


This project is being done in my free time between projects, so a bit slower than usual. I will update as soon as I come up with / finish more. Keep an eye out for Ari's Hunt on Webtoon! The first chapter should hopefully be done Summer 2023.

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