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Candace's Candyland Crusade

An idea for a young adult animated TV show that follows Candace, a lonely and reserved 16 year-old. After a long, hard day she decides to cope by eating a bag of candy. When she opens the bag, she gets sucked in and transported to a bright candy world. She is told to make her way to the Candy Capital in order to be sent home, so she begins her journey across Candyland where she meets new creatures and friends. However, there’s a darker side to Candyland and an evil threat emerging that Candice must defeat in order to be sent home and also protect the land that Candace eventually comes to love.

CCC resized.jpg
Candy Map! final resized.jpg

Candyland Map

CCC Lineup Resized.jpg

Character Lineup

weapon prop sheet.jpg

Candace's Weapon - Floss Stick Scythe

candy bag prop sheet.jpg

Candace's Candy Bag

Candy Foliage - Flavorful Forest

Candy Map! temple and cutaway.jpg

Candy Capital Temple

CCC Act 2 Environment resized.jpg

Leaving the Bitter Basin

Corrupted Candy Capital Temple

Villain Encounter Keyframe

Adventuring Keyframe

Candy Buildings Silhouettes.jpg

Tasty Town Buildings

CCC Act 1 Environment resized.jpg

Tasty Town

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